A Shocking 80% to 90% of People Panic in a crisis

Crisis management

Does your child know what to do in a crisis? Teach them to act in faith, and not to panic. Panic clouds the mind, while faith and prayer lend a solution and a lifeline.

Danger was in the air

We traipsed along the narrow path toward the deeper end of the pond, our fishing poles pointed towards the sky. “If anyone falls in, I will jump in and save them,” announced Tommy. “I am a boy scout.” I looked down and saw a timber rattler slither between two logs as I stepped over them. As the oldest, I warned, “Watch out for the snake!” Danger was in the air.

Soon, we reached our destination, and I looked into the deep slimy water.  It was full of green algae, but I didn’t hesitate to bait my hook and cast my line.  Gail, Jackie and I found a nice comfortable spot to stand while we fished, but Sue decided to climb an embankment and fish from a high rock.

She plunged into the murky water

As she stepped forward on the rock; she picked up momentum, and plunged into the murky water.  Immediately, I let out a blood-curdling scream as fear took over.  I saw a woman on the other side of the pond begin to run as fast as she could, and some kids we didn’t know removing their shoes and socks.  In the meantime, Sue signaled us by bouncing up and raising one finger, then two.  All of us understood her signal from the cartoons of our day. She was quickly running out of time. The emergency real, the crisis was immediate, and the situation desperate.

“I’m going for help,” Tommy yelled, and took off, while our youngest sister Jackie watched. Apprehension was written across her face, but everything changed in the blink of an eye. Gail calmly placed the end of her pole into the water.  Wa-lah! Sue grabbed the end of the pole, and Gail towed her in close to shore.

She was covered with green slime

Once I saw the peril subside, I stopped screaming and took action. When Sue was close enough, Gail grabbed one of Sue’s hands and I grabbed the other. Sue’s face portrayed the relief we all felt.  Her beautiful pink sweater, embroidered with pearls was covered with green slime, but no one cared.  We just laughed and sloshed all the way back to the cabin.  Sue and Gail walked arm in arm and declared their love for one another.  “You saved my life,” Sue blurted out. “I love you!” exclaimed Gail with heartfelt emotion.  (They usually fought like cats and dogs, but today they were best friends, all because Gail came to the rescue. lol)  Of course, we were all relieved that the danger was past.

However, danger is always in the air, and often we must stretch out our hand to Jesus while obeying his commands especially when in crisis.  The devil is like a roaring lion who roams about seeking anyone he can devour.  Matthew 14:22-33 tells the story of Peter who obeyed the Lord as he stepped out onto the stormy sea. Then he noticed that the wind was strong, and he was afraid. Immediately he started to sink, but he cried out, “Save me, Lord!”

Stretch out your hand when you are afraid

Peter obviously felt the danger, but Jesus reached out and grabbed hold of him. “What little faith you have!  Why did you doubt?” asked Jesus (Matthew 14:31).

  • Never doubt the Lord, but if you do, stretch out your hand.
  • He will pull you out of the slime
  • He will steady you
  • He will  put your feet back on solid ground.

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