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5 ways to utilize common sense

Friday, February 3rd, 2017

The use of common sense, or wisdom, is the equivalent of a good set of brakes. When you are at top speed in a downward plunge toward a cliff, you stand on the brakes with all your might. Likewise, when you make a choice, you must keep in mind the end result. Sometimes an emergency brake is exactly what you need.

Spiritual Brakes

How do you know if your spiritual brakes are working as well as they should?

Suzy gripped the steering wheel until her knuckles turned white. The lump in her throat prevented speech, as she scrutinized the steep downgrade. She was tense, and Kirby could see it, “What is wrong?” he asked.

“The brakes aren’t working right,” she replied.

“A… your Dad just had them fixed. Pull over and let me drive.”

The car barreled down the gravel road

He jumped in the driver’s seat, but it wasn’t long before he realized she was right.  The car barreled down the gravel road while rocks flew from under the tires. In the back seat, I made note of the treacherous drop-offs, devoid of guard rails. There was nothing to prevent us from careening over the edge.

Now was the time for Kirby to make use of his father’s teaching.  It was a good thing he listened; that knowledge could save our lives. He ignored possible damage to the car and forced the automatic transmission into low gear. The engine hunkered down and slowed ever so slightly as we rounded the next curve.

We lurched forward

Then he spotted a slight incline on the berm and headed toward it.  As the car climbed uphill, he stomped on the emergency brake and slammed the gearshift into park. Of course, we lurched forward and jerked to a sudden halt in a cloud of dust, but we were safe!

Believers face the peril of temptation every day.  Are your spiritual brakes in good working order?  Learn to apply your heart to the counsel and knowledge of Wisdom, she will keep you from falling over the edge.

Five Ways to Tune Up Your Spiritual Brakes

  1. Pay attention to wisdom
  2. Tune your ear to the sayings of the wise
  3. Apply your heart to what wisdom teaches
  4. Keep them in your heart
  5. Have them ready on your lips 

Thirty Wise Sayings of King Solomon  (Proverbs 22:17 – Proverbs 24:22)